Student Tuition Fees Payment

Institution ID : University of Gadarif-Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Office Address : السودان - القضارف
Locality : القضارف
Ministry/State : القضارف
Student Information
How to pay tuition fees through the Internet?
  1. Enter the required information: Student ID No
  2. Enter your email address to receive a copy of the receipt, then click Next
  3. The confirmation page appears containing the student information which includes: Student Name/ Student ID no/ National ID no/ Email/ courses and program/ semester/ required total tuition fees.
  4. Press pay button to start payment
  5. Then you will be asked to enter your card information: Card no/Expire Date
    • Card No is PAN: 16 digits in front of your card (from left to right)
    • Expiration date of your card
    • Press OK
  6. Finally enter your iPIN : It's a password used only in the internet payment operations

Don’t have an iPIN?